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About Us

Mission Statement

To provide our customers with the highest quality product at the best possible price, while operating our business with the utmost integrity.

Our Story

We are a locally owned and operated multi-generational business, run by a father & son team here in Colorado Springs. With a combined 50+ years of experience in the fencing industry, we have used just about every fence building material available! Within that experience, we’ve developed a keen eye for selecting the best materials to use. Over the last several years, we have felt the all too familiar burden of rising material costs coupled with lower quality products flooding the market. This ongoing struggle ultimately spurred the decision to take matters into our own hands: to create a superior product at a lower cost to consumers…and so Unipost was born!

Image by Daniel Janzen

The way your fence is built matters… Our steel posts won’t rot, won’t rust, providing your home with security that lasts a lifetime.

Reliable and Versatile Products

Uniposts are highly versatile and can be used in numerous construction projects. They are made to replace 4×4 wood posts.

Top Quality Materials

Our fencing solutions and sign posts are made from top quality steel that is highly durable and lasts for decades.

Easy to Install

Uniposts come with pre-punched holes that make setup and installation easy, weather driven or installed in concrete.

Competitive Pricing

Whether you choose to use the fencing options for your property or want to become a retailer of quality steel fence posts, all our steel products are competitively priced for your needs.

Years of Experience

We’ve been building fences with steel posts for a long time and our years of experience is shown clearly in the quality of fencing options we offer.


What We Offer

We offer the highest quality steel posts at a lower cost than competitors, including the major corporations that have dominated the market for years. Our steel posts are engineered for strength, quality, and endurance; to provide a solid fence foundation for generations to come.

Why Choose UniPost

Professionally tested for strength and endurance as well as put to the test by both our own use and customers, we stand by our superior product claims. We know that the steel posts we offer are exceptional, and as a business, we understood we’d need to earn our customers trust and loyalty. We are proud to say we have done that! Those that have tried our posts can attest to their incredible value and unwavering reliability. Pick some up today and experience the difference of UniPost!

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