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The Post That Will Last For Generations.

Our steel posts made for your wood fence. Replaces wood 4×4 posts & can handle the high winds.

Security: What does that mean to you? To us, it means your home, your property, your kids, even the furry ones feel safe.


// Home of the $38 Steel Fence Post

Now available at select retailers.

Big R of Falcon: 14155 East HWY, US-24, Falcon, CO 80831

Big R of Pueblo: 1020 Bonforte Blvd, Pueblo, CO 81001

Big R of Elizabeth: 650 Beverly St, Elizabeth, CO 80107

Stockyards Ranch Supply: 6990 Vasquez Blvd, Commerce City, CO 80022

Falcon Fence Supply: 9025 Chicago Ave, Peyton, CO 80831

Image by Anthony Duran
Image by Pauline Loroy
Image by Tetbirt Salim

Knowing that your fence is built with the strength of steel will provide you the comfort of knowing that the people you love are safe and secure in the yard.

Image by Edi Libedinsky
Image by Milli
Image by Alessandro Rossi

// As choice wholesalers we are passionate about offering incredible value above all else.

This is why we believe in integrity, quality craftsmanship and cost-effectiveness in our business. Unipost combines the strength of steel and the latest galvanizing process to protect the beauty and longevity of your wood fence.


// We know quality material

Through years of experience building fences with steel posts, we know quality material. Our steel posts provide you with the affordable, premium fencing solutions you require for your home or business. Keep your property and assets secure with Unipost steel fence posts!

Image by Daniel Janzen

The way your fence is built matters… Our steel posts won’t rot, won’t rust, providing your home with security that lasts a lifetime.

Reliable and Versatile Products

Uniposts are highly versatile and can be used in numerous construction projects. They are made to replace 4×4 wood posts.

Top Quality Materials

Our fencing solutions and sign posts are made from top quality steel that is highly durable and lasts for decades.

Easy to Install

Uniposts come with pre-punched holes that make setup and installation easy, whether driven or installed in concrete.

Competitive Pricing

Whether you choose to use the fencing options for your property or want to become a retailer of quality steel fence posts, all our steel products are competitively priced for your needs.

Years of Experience

We’ve been building fences with steel posts for a long time and our years of experience is shown clearly in the quality of fencing options we offer.


Choose Quality. Choose Strength. Choose Unipost.

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